2020 Haulmark Transport V-Nose 6'X12'

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Hi, my name is and I'm interested in this 2020 Haulmark Cargo Trailer Transport V-Nose 6'X12' . I'm in the area and you can reach me at or by phone at .

Haulmark means more trailer for your money. More features to make your hauling and travel easier.

In life, there are no shortcuts to success, and you never settle for second best.  Fueled by relentless innovation, the Transport V-Nose is a value-packed combination of performance, durability, and low-maintainence.  Our trailers defy the routine and are designed to dominate every type of cargo hauling activity.  At Haulmark, we build trailers that work (and play) as hard as you do.

MSRP - $4042

NVC Price - $3799

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Credit cards will be accepted with a surcharge.

Financing also available through Sheffield Financial


Overall Length - 16'

Overall Width - 7'8"

Overall Height - 8'2"

Interior Length - 13'

Interior Width - 5'8"

Interior Height - 6'6"

Rear Door Opening - 63W" X 72"H

Platform Height - 18"

Total Axle Capacity - 3500 lbs

GVWR - 2990 lbs

Aprrox Curb Weight - 1320 lbs

Approx. Payload - 1670 lbs

Suspension - Spring

Tire Size - ST205/75R15 C-Rated

Ball Size - 2"

Hitch Height to top of Ball - 16"

Plug - 4-Way


  • 1-Piece Aluminum Roof 
  • Entire Chassis Undercoated
  • 3/4" PlexCore High Performance Decking 
  • 3/8" PlexCore High Performance Sidewall
  • 24" ATP Stoneguard
  • 15" Radial Tires
  • Silver Mod Wheels
  • E-Z Lube® Hubs 
  • Spring Axles
  • Rear Ramp Door with Spring Assist
  • 5,000 lb. D-Rings with Welded Plate (4) 
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty
  • ArmorTech on A-Frame and Rear End Rail
  • .030 Aluminum Exterior - Bonded (Smooth Appearance)
  • 36" Side Door w/ Flush Lock
  • Smooth Aluminum Radius Fenders
  • LED Mini Clearance Lights 
  • 12v LED Dome Light with Wall Switch 
  • 2" x 3" Tube Main Rails (Single Axle)
  • 2" x 4" Tube Main Rails (Tandem Axle)
  • 16" OC Floor Crossmembers
  • 16" OC Tube Vertical Posts
  • 16" OC Tube Roof Structure
  • PlexCore Ramp Extension
  • 3.75" Wide Extruded Aluminum Top Trim

Standard Features, Specifications and Available Options subject to change without notice.

  • Status:
  • Vehicle:
    2020 Haulmark Transport V-Nose 6'X12'
  • Stock Number:
  • Location:
    Nishna Valley Cycle, Atlantic, IA 50022
  • Warranty:
    Manufacturer's w/ Extended Available


  • 12v End Connector:
    TSV58S2-4-Way, TSV610S2-4-Way, TSV612S2-4-Way, TSV612T2-7-Way, TSV712T2-7-Way, TSV714T2-7-Way, TSV716T2-7-Way
  • Axle Quantity:
    TSV58S2-Single, TSV610S2-Single, TSV612S2-Single, TSV612T2-Tandem, TSV712T2-Tandem, TSV714T2-Tandem, TSV716T2-Tandem
  • Body Length:
    TSV58S2-9'5", TSV610S2-11'7", TSV612S2-13'7", TSV612T2-13'7", TSV712T2-13'7", TSV714T2-15'7", TSV716T2-17'7"
  • Body Width:
    TSV58S2-5'0", TSV610S2-6'0", TSV612S2-6'0", TSV612T2-6'0", TSV712T2-7'0", TSV714T2-7'0", TSV716T2-7'0"
  • Cargo Control:
    TSV58S2-500 lb. Wall Rope Rings, TSV610S2-5,000 lb. Floor D-Rings, TSV612S2-5,000 lb. Floor D-Rings, TSV612T2-5,000 lb. Floor D-Rings, TSV712T2-5,000 lb. Floor D-Rings, TSV714T2-5,000 lb. Floor D-Rings, TSV716T2-5,000 lb. Floor D-Rings
  • Curb Weight (Approximate):
    TSV58S2-935 lbs., TSV610S2-1,195 lbs., TSV612S2-1,325 lbs., TSV612T2-1,740 lbs., TSV712T2-2,000 lbs., TSV714T2-2,125 lbs., TSV716T2-2,300 lbs.
  • GVWR (Total Capacity Trailer + Cargo):
    TSV58S2-2,990 lbs., TSV610S2-2,990 lbs., TSV612S2-2,990 lbs., TSV612T2-7,000 lbs., TSV712T2-7,000 lbs., TSV714T2-7,000 lbs., TSV716T2-7,000 lbs.
  • Hitch Ball Size:
    TSV58S2-2", TSV610S2-2", TSV612S2-2", TSV612T2-2 5/16", TSV712T2-2 5/16", TSV714T2-2 5/16", TSV716T2-2 5/16"
  • Hitch Height to Top of Ball:
    TSV58S2-16", TSV610S2-16", TSV612S2-16", TSV612T2-17", TSV712T2-17", TSV714T2-17", TSV716T2-17"
  • Hitch Weight:
    10% - 15%
  • Interior Height:
    TSV58S2-5'6", TSV610S2-6'6", TSV612S2-6'6", TSV612T2-6'6", TSV712T2-6'6", TSV714T2-6'6", TSV716T2-6'6"
  • Interior Length:
    TSV58S2-9'1", TSV610S2-11'3", TSV612S2-13'3", TSV612T2-13'3", TSV712T2-13'3", TSV714T2-15'3", TSV716T2-17'3"
  • Interior Width:
    TSV58S2-4'8", TSV610S2-5'8", TSV612S2-5'8", TSV612T2-5'8", TSV712T2-6'8", TSV714T2-6'8", TSV716T2-6'8"
  • Overall Height:
    TSV58S2-7'2", TSV610S2-8'2", TSV612S2-8'2", TSV612T2-8'3", TSV712T2-8'3", TSV714T2-8'3", TSV716T2-8'3"
  • Overall Length:
    TSV58S2-11'6", TSV610S2-14'0", TSV612S2-16'0", TSV612T2-16'0", TSV712T2-15'8", TSV714T2-17'8", TSV716T2-19'8"
  • Overall Width:
    TSV58S2-6'8", TSV610S2-7'8", TSV612S2-7'8", TSV612T2-7'8", TSV712T2-8'6", TSV714T2-8'6", TSV716T2-8'6"
  • Payload Capacity (Approximate):
    TSV58S2-2,055 lbs., TSV610S2-1,795 lbs., TSV612S2-1,665 lbs., TSV612T2-5,260 lbs., TSV712T2-5,000 lbs., TSV714T2-4,875 lbs., TSV716T2-4,700 lbs.
  • Platform Height:
    TSV58S2-18", TSV610S2-18", TSV612S2-18", TSV612T2-19", TSV712T2-19", TSV714T2-19", TSV716T2-19"
  • Radial Tire Size:
  • Rear Door Opening (W x H):
    TSV58S2-51" x 61", TSV610S2-63" x 72", TSV612S2-63" x 72", TSV612T2-63" x 72", TSV712T2-75" x 72", TSV714T2-75" x 72", TSV716T2-75" x 72"
  • Tire Load Range:
  • Total Axle Capacity:
    TSV58S2-3,500 lbs., TSV610S2-3,500 lbs., TSV612S2-3,500 lbs., TSV612T2-7,000 lbs., TSV712T2-7,000 lbs., TSV714T2-7,000 lbs., TSV716T2-7,000 lbs.

Our Location

Nishna Valley Cycle
2500 E 7th St.
Atlantic, IA 50022